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First electric road in Norway is wireless

The Nordic EV leader joins Sweden, Germany, Italy and the U.S. with it's first wireless electric road for electric vehicles (EVs)

The Transportation authority of Trøndelag county has selected Electreon's wireless Electric Road System (ERS) as the sole tender winner for charging a bus wirelessly. The project deployment will begin in the summer of 2024. The initial phase will include an electric road section, located on a public road next to AtB AS main bus depot, and will involve a comprehensive series of tests, and thorough evaluation of Electreon's charging capabilities in both drive and stop modes. These meticulous tests aim to demonstrate Electreon's resilience and reliability, guaranteeing its ability to perform optimally in real-world conditions as a key energy provider for AtB's BRT lines. This project marks the initial phase of AtB's preparation for its Metro/BRT bus contract.

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